Feb 16, 2008

XXIII UIA World Congress of Architecture Torino 2008

For the first time an Italian city hosts a World Congress of the International Union of Architects. Torino will be the location of this prestigious event which every three years reunites thousands of professionals and students to cover a theme analysing the future prospects of the profession and its relationship with the social and cultural problems of the moment. The theme chosen for the event in 2008 is Transmitting Architecture. A title with two complementary sides: on the one hand architecture's ability to communicate the meaning of what it does, both as design creation and for the deep social involvement it leads to; on the other architecture's active role in perceiving - like an antenna - positive energies and society's emerging phenomena. Architecture presides over territorial transformation and talks to all the actors involved in this process, with the aim of asserting the right of all citizens to the quality of life and of the environment. Architecture is for everyone. A tool to build a widespread urban democracy, nourished by communication and by the spreading of knowledge. (to find out more..) (to Register online..)

passage & image from: http://www.uia2008torino.org/U8T/Engine/RAServePG.php/P/25081U8T0404

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