Feb 4, 2008

Seksan Design

Intercontinental Hotel Hanoi, Vietnam

Riana Green East Showhouse, Kuala Lumpur

Ng Sek San pursued landscape architecture and obtained the postgraduate diploma in the subject at Lincoln University, New Zealand in 1985. One of the leading landscape architects in Malaysia today, Sek San's palette of work demonstrates a breadth of approach that spans from minimal interventions onto the natural landscape to that which is rich in elements yet contemporary in spirit. The practice often explores place-making, generating installations both within natural and man-made surroundings. Collaborative work with other designers and craftsmen have given birth to structures that always attempts to challenge typical manners of touching nature and constructing on it, lending some reverence to the land. Much of his installations as well as his landscape works are inspired by visual arts, as opposed to
succumbing to a horticultural approach to landscape design. The 'subversive' nature of his practice allows Sek San to balance commercial reality with some artistic play.

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passage from: http://www.artfacts.net/pdf-files/inst/processing%20the%20city%20press.pdf
images from: http://www.seksan.com/index.html

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Anonymous said...

Dearest mr Sek
San...ithink that your designs are awesome and i have fallen in love with all that you have done.. You are a rarity. I would like for you to help design my house but maybe my house is not money generating much income for the kind of big project that you do. But I do so want to have the serene and tranquil ambiance that I could spend the rest of my dying days in. I remain your new fan ..yours faithfully...Shidah Rathe
Khsib epens


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