Jun 30, 2010

Fridgeezoo - APPARE STORE

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Surprisingly small size, it doesn't take up a lot of space in the fridge:

It greets you when the fridge door is opened, and starts complaining when the door remains open for too long.

Apart from this, the cute product by APPARE STORE doesn't have any realistic practically, you can think of it as a waste of resources... in a way.

But for me, I'd love to get one of these (I said they're cute).
Sometimes it is more sustainable to seek such kind of small happiness in life, of which the sources can be the most common and trivial things around you.

In fact, there're many products like this out there, given their relatively small sizes and lack of complications.
What about architecture?


Jun 28, 2010

Palmyra House - Studio Mumbai Architects

Located outside of Mumbai on the Arabian Sea, Palmyra House was built as a refuge from the bustle of the busy city. The 3000 sq ft. house consists of two wooden louvered structures separated by a courtyard and pool, set inside of a functioning coconut plantation. Anchored to stone platforms, the structures overlook a network of wells and aqueducts that weave the site into an inhabitable whole. Living room, study and master bedroom are contained in the north volume, while the south volume contains the kitchen, dining, and guest bedrooms. Set in the plaza between the buildings, the pool provides a channel for swimming towards endless vistas of palm trees to the east and the sea to the west. (to find out more..)

Brilliant example of how modernism can be so rustic and natural.

Here's another 2 projects which I like so much from them: Tara House & Reading Room


Jun 26, 2010

Rainbow Church, Waterfall

A selection of personal favourites among Tokujin Yoshioka's designs found in his recent exhibitions.

- Rainbow Church -
Tokujin Yoshioka in front of his 9.2m high prisms-wall, which looks rather like a waterfall of lights.

'Everything was difficult. Starting with the selection of the venue... maybe about a year ago the museum contacted me to ask whether I was interested in presenting the project with them. I didn't confirm and looked for an alternative venue for 'Rainbow Church'. Just three months ago I finalized the proposal.(...) The building has a high ceiling, but to build 'Rainbow Church', I had to modify the walls to make the right angle in order to install the prisms. It is 9.2 m high and 500 crystal prisms are used to create the effect I wanted. We spent a week to build it.' - TY

Prisms arranged in different directions to produce richness in effects.

Optical effects of a prism, just one of the basics of optical sciences we learned in high school.

Watercolour sketch of the "Rainbow Church" concept by Tokujin Yoshioka.


- Waterfall -
"Waterfall" , 2005-2006. Note the incredible shadow cast on the floor.

'Waterfall was commisioned by a private collector. It has been installed in Tokyo since then. It has never been revealed to the public. The initial idea I had for the project was to cut the middle part of the waterfall out. I sorted out the material first. The table is made of a giant optical glass, so it is very special.' -TY

Was it given a wrong name? This one doesn't look like a waterfall compared to the one above. More like a slowly flowing spring, and an incredibly clear one.

Beautiful cut-out piece of water.

While I often think he's too much of an upmarket designer (glass, crystals, etc.), hmm...

Still, this guy is no doubt masterful - in capturing the senses of 'time' & 'moment'.
Utilizing his signature palette of transparent materials, he triumphs at producing atmospheres that are much stronger than the material selves. Thumbs up.


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