Oct 24, 2010


LLOVE, the exhibition where you can stay for the night
It is an exhibition, but you can stay for the night. You can choose whichever room you like and spend a night in luxury with a smile.

Location: Daikanyama i Studio. Ebisu-nishi 1-36-10, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo(1 minute walk from Daikanyama Station)
Period: 22 October (Fri) – 23 November (Tue)
Inquiries: info@llove.jp
Visiting the hotel rooms:
- on appointment (telephone number will be announced on the HP)
- from 29 October until November 3, the rooms will be open to public from 12 until 17hrs
Entrance fee: none

(to find out more..)

text: http://llove.jp/en/
images: http://www.excite.co.jp/ism/concierge/rid_23175/pid_1.html


Oct 14, 2010

Another Scale of Architecture - Junya Ishigami

Seen from dezain.net, that Fomal Haut has uploaded a photo set of Junya Ishigami's exhibition at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, called 'Another scale of architecture', a well conceived name.
Often dealing with the elements and scales, Ishigami-san has never failed to amaze me by his unique perspectives in architecture, which are extremely powerful and intriguing.
While the collapse of his exhibition piece at Venice Biennale was utter pity (winning a price with it was such a glorious consolation he deserved), we can see in this exhibition that he has taken lightness to a whole new level (and scale) so unbelievable if not actually seen by oneself. The vastness and details are just overwhelming.

See the photoset HERE.

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White Roofs, Reflective Roofs

A reflective roof coating or white roof, is the best known and most applied of all Green Roof Systems. These systems reduce roof temperatures and thereby save electricity, and are great for almost every application, including residences, apartment buildings, condominiums, townhouses, retail buildings, schools, malls, and hi-rises.

White roof systems involve applying a fluid directly onto the roof. A superior acrylic roof coating waterproofing component and super tough polyester-mat as the reinforcement component is normally used. Compared to most re-roofing alternatives, this system provides an efficient, high-quality solution at a fraction of the cost.

Some of the benefits of white roof systems are:


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