Jun 19, 2011

Go Hasegawa - Pilotis in a Forest

Japanese studio Go Hasegawa has designed 'Pilotis in a Forest', a weekend house located three hours outside of Tokyo, Japan. Situated among a forest of mature trees, the structure aims to co-exist with the natural landscape that surrounds it. Propped 6.5 meters into the air through a series of stilts and cross braces, the dwelling provides views above the treetops and on to the mountains in the distance. An open plaza below is sheltered by trees that encircle the structure like walls. (to find out more)

Floor 0
Floor 1


Jun 18, 2011

Cedric Price - Think the Unthinkable

Date: 31 Mar 2011 - 3 Sep 2011
Location: Gallery 2, level 2, The Lighthouse, Glasgow

The questions posed by Cedric Price (1934 – 2003) are still potentially revolutionary. Is architecture doing as much for people as comfortable shoes? Do we need buildings, and if so what for?

This exhibition looks at the ideas which underlay Price’s celebrated projects, exploring their continuing power to inspire and challenge, and the strong parallels between Price’s vision of a technology-rich, communications-driven future and the reality of contemporary life in Britain. The exhibition draws on Price’s archive, bringing his projects to life with new graphic technologies which Price would undoubtedly have enthusiastically embraced had he lived.

Projects by architecture students from Strathclyde University and the Mackintosh School of Architecture, and by fine art and photography students from the Glasgow School of Art are presented. Based on Price’s ideas on public space, these add a contemporary layer to the exhibition.


Jun 12, 2011

Garden of 10,000 Bridges / 万桥园 - West 8

Gardens tell a story. They combine poetry and narrative. The Garden of 10,000 Bridges represents the human life; the path of people’s lifetime, which is a route of uncertainty and burden, but also of highlights and elation. The garden design takes you on this walk of life as a meandering, winding trail – continuous and like a labyrinth. It lets you find your way through nature and takes you over 10,000 bridges.


Sad to say, there're only 5 bridges, not 10,000.

For the 2011 Xi'an International Horticulture Exhibition, West 8 designed a Master Landscape Architect Garden, that plays with the limits and the sensation of surprise.
The Xi'an International Horticulture Exhibition 2011 is open until 22 October 2011.


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