Jul 30, 2011

Peter Zumthor on Serpentine Pavilion 2011 - Dezeen

Interview: Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2011 by Peter Zumthor from Dezeen on Vimeo.

Swiss architect Peter Zumthor explains his design for this year's Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in this movie filmed by Dezeen at the preview in Kensington Gardens, London.

The pavilion is open to the public from 1 July to 16 October 2011.


Studio East - Carmody Groake

Built within a live construction site, 35m atop Westfield Stratford City development, the pavilion provides the first views across London’s Olympic Stadium, and Zaha Hadid’s 2012 Aquatics Centre, forming a commanding presence on London’s skyline.
A fast build with a life span of just 3 weeks, the primary structure, weighing 70 tons, is constructed from hired materials borrowed from the existing construction site, including: 2000 scaffolding boards, 3500 scaffolding poles, and reclaimed timber, used to create the walls and floors of the 800 square metre dining space.
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Ghost-like Architecture - Shingo Masuda+Katsuhisa Otsubo

The site is a threshold of house, street, garden, and neighbor.
We judged that it would be effective to design a boundary that could constantly renew and rewrite the interpretation in our consciousness each time they involve the site, of a garden being a house, a house being a neighbor, a garden being a street and so on - without restricting sites.
We tried to create an inconsistence between physical and visual experience of "boundary" to individuals, according to the state, by constructing an ambivalent "ghost-like architecture" that emerge and dissolve simultaneously. The boundary, which creates the interpretation of the scene or the crossing of awareness, becomes the new borderline that circulates inside the consciousness, which will not belong to any or all domains.
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