Jun 26, 2010

Rainbow Church, Waterfall

A selection of personal favourites among Tokujin Yoshioka's designs found in his recent exhibitions.

- Rainbow Church -
Tokujin Yoshioka in front of his 9.2m high prisms-wall, which looks rather like a waterfall of lights.

'Everything was difficult. Starting with the selection of the venue... maybe about a year ago the museum contacted me to ask whether I was interested in presenting the project with them. I didn't confirm and looked for an alternative venue for 'Rainbow Church'. Just three months ago I finalized the proposal.(...) The building has a high ceiling, but to build 'Rainbow Church', I had to modify the walls to make the right angle in order to install the prisms. It is 9.2 m high and 500 crystal prisms are used to create the effect I wanted. We spent a week to build it.' - TY

Prisms arranged in different directions to produce richness in effects.

Optical effects of a prism, just one of the basics of optical sciences we learned in high school.

Watercolour sketch of the "Rainbow Church" concept by Tokujin Yoshioka.


- Waterfall -
"Waterfall" , 2005-2006. Note the incredible shadow cast on the floor.

'Waterfall was commisioned by a private collector. It has been installed in Tokyo since then. It has never been revealed to the public. The initial idea I had for the project was to cut the middle part of the waterfall out. I sorted out the material first. The table is made of a giant optical glass, so it is very special.' -TY

Was it given a wrong name? This one doesn't look like a waterfall compared to the one above. More like a slowly flowing spring, and an incredibly clear one.

Beautiful cut-out piece of water.

While I often think he's too much of an upmarket designer (glass, crystals, etc.), hmm...

Still, this guy is no doubt masterful - in capturing the senses of 'time' & 'moment'.
Utilizing his signature palette of transparent materials, he triumphs at producing atmospheres that are much stronger than the material selves. Thumbs up.


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