Feb 20, 2008

The Subtle Art of Working for Free

You have your design skills. You spent your time in the educational trenches having your work dissected, rearranged, put back together in new and inventive ways. Perhaps you’re making your bones as a graphic designer at a firm, or maybe you’ve taken the plunge into self-employment. Either way, you never forget the first lesson that every creative discovers from the moment they meet the first or five hundredth client through the door: almost everybody wants something for free.
We’ve all experienced it. A client arrives, bursting with ideas, dreams, sketches on the back of cocktail napkins, or sometimes only the desire to have ’something’ placed on a billboard, written in an advertisement, engineered into a website. They want a unique logo, a campaign, a catchphrase; and they don’t have a dime in their pocket. (to find out more..)

passage from: http://www.businessofdesignonline.com/the-subtle-art-of-working-for-free/

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