Feb 5, 2008

The Capers at Sentul East, Kuala Lumpur

Your home at The Capers is anything but the usual. Its body, a unique wavy design inspired by nature, stirs your imagination. While its soul, an elegant yet warm haven, makes you forget your worries. Here, you can mingle with birds in the sky gardens. Watch fish play in the water bodies from your balcony. Count the passing planes from your windows with uninterrupted panoramic views. And when you step out, take in the buzz of Sentul East with its stylish cafes, spice shops, rustic tailors, charming old bookstores, and the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre. You see, it's natural to live more interestingly here.
In my opinion,this is a really nice piece of architecture. First was The Maple, then The Saffron and now The Capers, YTL developers have really outdone it, transforming the face of Sentul district into such a livable environment. This living quarter looks dynamic and fluid. I think Kuala Lumpur will have better architectures in the future, with upcoming projects such as The Troika and OneKL.

text and image from: www.capers.com.my

posted by s-uper-chii


afterrabbit said...

But most of the 'good architecture' u said under construction are luxurious residential developments aiming the riches & foreigners.... Not really so approachable by the common people in the city.
I wonder when can we have more good 'really public' architecture.. not these high-end homes..

afterrabbit said...

there're plenty of good architecture for economy in our country, but too few for culture. That's what I reckon.

Jillian said...


Now, Sentul developing, from an unknown place with small community of people.

Nice condos they have. YTL earning tons!!!


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