Feb 19, 2008

CJ Lim

Born in Malaysia. He graduated from the Architectural Association London in 1987, and he worked for various architectural offices in London before establishing his own practice, Studio 8 Architects [www.cjlim-studio8.com] in 1994. His architecture is consistently exploring in parallel buildings, landscape and urban design possibilities through narratives, culture + ethnicity and technological inventiveness.
In 2004, he was selected to represent the UK in the Venice Architecture Biennale 04 and was chosen as one of the New British Talents in Architecture by the Guardian and the Independent newspapers. He is also listed in Debrett's People of Today and the International Who's Who for his architecture + academic contributions.
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Another pride of Malaysian's besides Ken Yeang & others.

passage from: http://www.bartlett.ucl.ac.uk/people/A_lim_cj.htm
image from: http://www.icif.ru/Engl/prize/prize/cjlim.htm

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