Feb 16, 2008

TOTEM ::: Competition for students

This ideas competition, in a single stage, is organised in the framework of the UIA Congress Turin 2008. Based on the congress theme, Transmitting architecture, competitors are invited to design a TOTEM, an architectural object for communication, information and exchange to be located in one of the following three types of environment: a social context: poverty; a natural context: ecology; an urban context: metropolis.
The competition procedure will be run entirely on internet. Students of architecture worldwide attending a school recognised by the UIA member section in their country are invited to take part by submitting a proposal online. The competition documents, programme and regulations may be downloaded on the competition web site.
Registration takes place at the same time as the electronic transmission of the project, pdf format on the competition web site.
The competition language is English. There is no registration fee.
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Registration deadline on 27 March 2008.

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