Feb 23, 2008

Casa OS - Nolaster

Perched atop a Spanish cliff sits this gorgeous green home, a privately-owned holiday house that’s as lovely as it is sustainable. Located in Cantabria, Spain, and designed by Madrid-based Nolaster Architects, Casa OS integrates green building techniques to create high-end, low-impact accommodation. The irony is that the original design scheme wasn’t intended to be a green building, but the architects employed many green features for visual impact and practical benefits. We’d just love to live an eco life on that cliff.
The front of the home looks out over the sea with the back end supported by stilts over a cavern in a dug-out hill. Combining this wind protection with insulating grass roof means that temperature is much easier and less energy-intensive to control and the building’s visual impact is much less imposing. Other features include an inner yard to provide an open space protected from wind and rainwater collection for reuse fushing toilets and watering the roof and garden in summer. (to find out more..)

I like the idea of the configuration of spaces in this house, it's in layers of repeating enclosed and open spaces, and which provides a range of different routes to move around the house, the experience is interesting. An inner yard/courtyard is always good, it maximizes and harmonizes natural light admittance.

passage from: http://www.inhabitat.com/2008/02/21/casa-os-house-by-nolaster-architects/#more-8508
images from: http://www.nolaster.com/htm/WORK/003.html

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