Feb 4, 2008

Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims

Peace Memorial Halls for the Atomic Bomb Victims are located in both Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the two cities which suffered atomic bombings. They were built in order to impress upon people the preciousness of the sacrifices made by those who died after exposure to the bombings, and to commemorate everlasting peace. They were established according to the provisions of Law 41 for the medical care of atomic bomb survivors.
The main functions of the Memorial Halls are to provide places to pray for those who died after exposure to the atomic bombings, and to encourage people to contemplate peace. They also maintain archives of materials on the atomic bombings and radiation illnesses, and serve as centers of international cooperation and exchange. The two halls work in cooperation, with Nagasaki placing emphasis on international cooperation and Hiroshima on the collecting of archive materials. (to find out more..)

This ARCASIA award 2005/06 winning design is by Akira Kuryu. The entrance level has a fairly similar expression to that of Ando's Water Temple, but turns out very different at night when under the pool emerges a basin-full of light-dots.

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