Feb 27, 2008

Okhta Tower for the Gazprom claims to be amongst the most sustainable

The design of the controversial new headquarters for oil giant Gazprom in St Petersburg - which, at 396m tall, will become the tallest tower in Europe and a major new landmark in the Russian city – is a key focus of an international conference on the subject of ‘Tall Buildings’ in London.
Designed by UK-based architectural company RMJM, the tower has attracted significant media coverage as heritage and conservation groups have prompted fears that the new ‘Okhta Centre’ would impact negatively on St Petersburg’s historic skyline. For the first time, RMJM will publicly instead focus attention on how the building will in fact be one of the most environmentally sustainable high rise buildings in the world.
Energy conservation has been at the forefront of the design process of the 396m twisting glass needle from its inception. In a country where temperatures dip to minus 30 degrees RMJM, in partnership with leading environmental engineers Battle McCarthy, has designed an innovative energy solution where the need for heating is minimal in order to reduce its environmental impact. (to find out more..)

passage from: http://www.entrerayas.com/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=1023&Itemid=2
images from: http://www.e-architect.co.uk/russia/okhta_tower.htm

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