Feb 15, 2008

Sayama Flat - Sschemata Architecture Office

Sayama Flat is a renovation project of a 29-year-old apartment building, and it was completed January, 2008. Sayama, the suburb 1 hour from the central of Tokyo by train, is an old residential area. There are a lot of small housings around our site. In general, Japanese renovation projects are started from removing every old interior and then redesigned it. However, in this project we started to choose what is necessary and what is not from an existing interior space. Because of remaining some of the elements of the interior, we achieved to design a neutral space that motivates young people to create their own life-style. (to find out more..)

It's so unfinished & it's so crystal clear. The walls & ceilings in the units are left to such a state more extreme than the usual unadorned concrete styles that the ugly marks/stains are left as they are after the renovation. It can express a sense of temporal, neutral occupancy - freedom of different people moving in & out. And on the other hand, it is a very strong cue of a wide range of possibilities in personal customization of space.
I personally adore the "watery" finish on the floor, it somehow lends a little luxury to the otherwise 'cheap' spaces. Anyone tell me what is it??

passage from: http://www.sschemata.com/english/works/archives/01architecture/970030_sayama_flat/index.html
images from: http://www.sschemata.com/english/works/archives/01architecture/970030_sayama_flat/index.html & http://www.dezeen.com/2008/02/12/sayama-flat-by-schemata-architecture-office/

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