Feb 4, 2008

Kun Lim Architect

Our primary concerns are understanding the needs of our clients and helping them articulate their requirements. In our work, undivided attention is given to detail and major considerations that are project specific. This ranges from optimisation of land use to climatic response, relationship with the environment and context, integration with nature and landscape, and co-ordination with structural systems and other building services.The firm's works have been featured in various magazines and exhibited internationally. One of the major exhibitions was the "Megacities Now! Asian Visions......" which is an international travelling exhibition in the year 2000 featuring in Hong Kong, Berlin, Paris and Madrid.The practice is headed by brother K S Lim and Kun Lim, fully supported by a team of professionals trained in Architecture, Urban Design and Interior Design. At present, Kun Lim Architect is affiliated with projects in Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Maldives, India, China and California. (to find out more..)
A very good firm established & based in Kuala Lumpur.

passage & image from: http://kunlimarchitect.com/index.html

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