Feb 5, 2008


21_21 DESIGN SIGHT is a place where people can view the world through design. It will be not so much a museum as a research center for design, a place for thinking about design, and a place where things are actually made. The aim is to share views and ideas with the many parties involved in design, starting with designers and including companies, craftsmen and engineers, as well as consumers, and to launch a movement to foster interest in, and greater understanding of design.

The building is a low-rise structure consisting of one ground floor and one underground floor. Most of the volume of the building, which has a unique form featuring a roof made from giant steel plates that slope gently down to the ground, is buried underground. Once inside, the space opens out on a scale unimaginable given the building's unobtrusive exterior. The ground floor houses the entrance and reception area, while the underground floor houses two galleries and a triangular sunken court. A feature of the building is that it is encased in the longest section of double-glazing in Japan. The building was designed by architect Tadao Ando, whose brief was to design a structure that would represent Japan.

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