Feb 23, 2008

Comment of the Day

"...money was invested into this, and the Client cared. If the client is only going for max sqft/$ for construction, then what results is the bare minimum. Would you expect luxury and great design from a $5000 car? Would you expect the sound quality of Bose speakers from a pair you got at Best Buy for $25? I just don't get how people don't understand that architecture works in the same was as everything else in the world."
What do you think?


posted by midori mizu


chinweiz said...

i'm so sorry, but i totally disagree with this statement. price is proportional to good architetcure? who the hell say this? is he an architect? come on...what kind of architect are you...what a shame

midori mizu said...

hoho.spot on!thanks for the respond!i have no idea what happened behind to make this particular person coming out with this statement.But i think there are programmes that repudiate this statement.I should find some and post them up!any suggestion on your side?

chinweiz said...

well, definitely i have programmes that showcases good architecture without having to spend a bomb. currently, i was looking at some architecture by Rural Studio, http://cadc.auburn.edu/soa/rural-studio/, it might be interesting to know how the use of material and the effort done by some of the architects to provide relatively good architecture with minimal cost and materials to create a shelter for those poor society. let's go for architecture for humanity!


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