Feb 27, 2008

Ring House - TNA

A country retreat outside Tokyo, TNA’s Ring House opens itself to vertical forest views through horizontal stripes
The team created a mini-tower at the maximum height, skinned in alternating bands of wood and glass—an irregularly striped sheath that evenly balances transparency and opacity, acting more like a screening filter than a bona fide barrier. As sunlight floods into the interior by day (or electric illumination glows from within the volume by night), the wrapper allows views straight through the house. With three 20-foot-square floors, including a basement partially embedded in the hillside, the architects provided entrances at the lowest and middle levels.
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passage from: http://archrecord.construction.com/residential/recordHouses/2007/07ring.asp
images from: http://www.tna-arch.com/english/archi/archi_wa01.html

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