Mar 5, 2008

Westraven - architectenbureau cepezed

The Westraven office complex is an intricate and large-scale combination of new and existing construction for various sections of the Dutch Department of Public Works. The high-rise, constructed in the early seventies, has been completely renovated and reorganized. Vides in the floors and façades made largely of glass now give a strong impulse to the spatial experience of this tower, which was rather limited in the original architecture. Vides, atria, conservatories, and inner gardens also furnish the newly built, elongated and transparent construction alongside the adjacent canal with an unprecedented spatial quality. Much attention has been devoted to realizing perfect equilibrium between low energy consumption and an optimum working climate. Therefore, for example thermically active floors have been used. The conservatories also work as climate buffers and the artificial lighting adjusts itself automatically to the colour and intensity of the incidence of daylight. A revolutionary feature is the innovative second-skin façade of open-weave, teflon-coated glass fibre. (to find out more..)

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