Mar 6, 2008

Disneyland Architecture

At Walt Disney World Resort, more than a dozen world-renowned architects have designed a range of hotels, offices, recreational buildings and even gasoline service stations for the Walt Disney World Resort. These buildings have garnered worldwide attention, as well as numerous architectural awards. The architects hired to design for The Walt Disney Company come from three continents. Among them are winners of several of the world's most prestigious architectural accolades. As in the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom, the architecture of Disney's hotels, resorts, offices and service buildings also revolves around themes. In most cases, the themes are historical or geographic, though others refer to pop culture. Some of the architects have taken the idea of "themed architecture" quite literally; others have offered more abstract interpretations. (to find out more...)
Ever wonder why people from all over the world go to Disneyland? Was it because of the ever famous Mickey Mouse and his friends? In my opinion, Disneyland is not just a amusement park, it is a whole different world because atmosphere is so joyial and so colourful; and what made them so much a success is the beautiful architecture that could be found in there. The buildings do not follow a certain kind of architectural practice, most of are duplicated and copied from historical buildings and motives are derived from fantasies and movies. Disneyland would not succeed only by it's softcore, it only succeeded with the help of Architecture. It is really magical, what architecture could do.

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