Mar 19, 2008

Wei-Ling Gallery

Wei-Ling Gallery, previously known as the Townhouse Gallery was set up by Lim Wei-Ling and Yohan Rajan in a townhouse in Bukit Bandraya, Kuala Lumpur in May 2002 to showcase the works of contemporary artists in Malaysia.
The gallery represents a wide spectrum of Malaysian artists, ranging from the forefathers of Modernism in Malaysia, to young, up and coming contemporary talents. The focus of the gallery is to nurture their stable of artists, so that they gain both local and international recognition, and to keep collectors abreast about the works they are collecting from both an aesthetic and investment angle. As their main concern is to introduce collectors to works by serious artists with integrity, the gallery is extremely selective about the works and artists it represents. The gallery hosts up to twelve exhibitions a year, showcasing the works of Malaysia’s most exciting artists.
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The gallery is located above the office of Jimmy Lim Design, housed in an old townhouse/shophouse.
The building actually got caught in fire few years back (it was already Jimmy Lim Design office then), after that, Jimmy Lim himself refurbished the upper floor into this art gallery, and extended the original building height of two-storey into three.
To speak of the hightlight, is that the remnants of the burnt timber beams & slabs of the original 1st floor was ingeniously preserved & 'showcased'. New timber slab was constructed on it, with glassed openings on the floor that enable people to look down at the coal-black timber remnants. (forgive me I don't have the photo)
The symbolic meaning of building new upon old & revive is effectively conveyed in this small volume of typical townhouses, and the mark of the fire was kept to speak about history.

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