Mar 27, 2008

Sustainable Towers in Malaysia by Studio Nicoletti Associati

The winner of a recent contest, the design for Precinct 4 comes from Studio Nicoletti Associati and Malaysian architects Hijjas Kasturi Associates, who provided the masterplan of Putrajaya(pic below). The goal of the designers was to provide a model for sustainable residential design that was inspired by the city’s unique landscape which includes an expansive artificial lake. The biggest inspiration came from the sea and the entire development resembles a fleet of ships. The architect’s goal was to design buildings that tell “of its place of origin which is culturally modern, Islamic and tropical in nature.” Added to this is Nicoletti’s extensive experience in design and construction for extreme climates. For Precinct 4, the Italian firm brought sustainable strategies like terraces, sunshades, natural ventilation and integrated green space into the design. The buildings will source from alternative energy and are expected to produce 50% less CO2 emissions than similar residential projects.(to find out more..)

i felt this is it! For Malaysia to have this kind of work,i personally think that it is phenomenal!It might be the new putrajaya icon...who knows!Although i had heard about the critics on the architecture at Putrajaya, i thought this can breath a new dimension to Putrajaya and also this kind of development in this country. Taking note that this building is designed to tell “of its place of origin which is culturally modern, Islamic and tropical in nature”, i have to say the national identity is well preserved in this piece of architecture. It strikes the right balance between the national identity and the global world issues like design energy & building green.I will be eager to pay Putrajaya a visit after this development completes!

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