Mar 1, 2008

Bishan Community Library @ Singapore

Library plays an important role within the community.Thats why they had need to rethink the role of the library as the traditional repository of knowledge, the more pertinent issue at hand were how to engage the people. This is especially relevant for community libraries where the library shares an intricate relationship with the community, transcending the traditional boundaries of education, information and recreation.
For easy navigation and user orientation, the library is separated into distinct zones e.g. collection / program, services and circulation. The constant dialectic interplay of active/passive, quiet/noisy, bright/shaded between the different zones brings vibrancy to the library. (to find out more..) by LOOK Architects

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posted by midori mizu


chinweiz said...

my friend interned in this firm before. went to this library before, the pods idea was quite interesting and it makes people start colonizing them. some of the spaces are quite nice too...but there are some spaces i dont really like...arrangment of shelves that makes the movement a bit not comfortable and some furniture configuration are a bit weird...other than that...i guess it's nice...

afterrabbit said...

Won't the pods be heated up quite easily?
Dunno, that's what I've been wondering..

afterrabbit said...

I mean they seem soooo much exposed under hot sun.

chinweiz said...

well...u can always use double glazing and tempered glass for heat and sound insulation, at the same time, you have air-con.


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