Mar 14, 2008

International Design Competition for the Magok Waterfront, Seoul

The Seoul Metropolitan Government and SH Corporation are jointly organizing the competition for the Magok Waterfront, otherwise known as the "International Design Competition for the Magok Waterfront, Seoul," as part of the Han River Renaissance Project. Domestic and international experts in various related fields are encouraged to participate by submitting creative ideas and innovative plans.

Aims of the Competition

Creation of a Leisure Area with related facilities and amenities
The aim of the competition is ultimately the creation of the Magok Waterfront as a dynamic space that combines the beauty of culture with the benefits of commerce. In order to develop the area as Seoul's representative space for leisure with related amenities, it is crucial to make the best use of the surrounding resources of the Han River and the proposed lake park.

Sustainability of the Magok Area's Ecology and Environment
The waterfront plan should consider the region's current ecological characteristics and unique environment, in terms of the future development of the area and its sustainability.

Conformity to the Han River Renaissance Project
The Magok Waterfront will serve as a bridgehead in the actualization of the Han River Renaissance Project. Therefore, the Waterfront plan should incorporate the philosophy of the Han Vision Renaissance Project.
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