Mar 18, 2008

Holl to Design Toronto Waterfront District

Waterfront Toronto today announced the selection of Steven Holl Architects (SHA) to design the 3500 square meter District Energy Centre in the West Don Lands, which will provide centralized heating and cooling to the first new waterfront neighborhoods of Toronto. The District Energy Centre is expected to go into construction by the end of 2008 and is expected to deliver heating and cooling by the beginning of 2010.(to find out more..)

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Toronto real estate agent said...

I read your article and I must say that I'm satisfied with the things that are being done for improvement of Waterfront. Few minutes ago I read another article about a college campus being planned to be built in the upcoming year or two. As I'm working as a Toronto real estate agent, I know the area due to Waterfront condos, which creates the heart and gives that specific atmosphere. Waterfront has gone through a lot of changes lately, both positive and negative but speaking for myself, I'm looking forward to finally see the eventual look of it. With greets,


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