Mar 8, 2008

Surbana - Singapore

Surbana is a Singapore-grown firm offering a holistic suite of building consultancy services. Over the last four decades, our team of professionals has been at the core of Singapore’s nation-building, sculpting the characteristic skyline and urbanscape. The 26 townships we have designed and developed has provided more than 85% of Singaporeans with quality homes in an integrated living environment. Today, Surbana remains an active player on the local front.
Surbana is driven by a creative team of dynamic individuals dedicated to creating total living environments. Governed by a common value system of insightful, intuitive, collaborative and integrity, we will persist in the pursuit of our vision – to shape townships and cities of tomorrow. (to find out more..)

Al Raha Beach Hotel and Resort Extension, UAE.

Autopolis, UAE.

Marina South Pier, Singapore.

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