Mar 21, 2008

Mutsuro Sasaki, 佐々木睦朗

Although architects and their works ARE sometimes featured on these art pages, strictly speaking, Mutsuro Sasaki, a structural engineer, shouldn’t be here at all. Yet thanks to the talents of Sasaki and his colleagues, who know how to make architects’ fantasies come true, new possibilities for structural design are taking flight, contributing to exciting environments for the new millennium. (to find out more..)

In his collaboration with the architect Arata Isozaki on the 2002 design competition for a new train station for Florence, Italy, the Japanese structural engineer Mutsuro Sasaki reversed his traditional role. He started with what he calls the “target values” for stress and deformation loads, and then worked back to the final structure. Instead of taking a given form and optimizing its structural conditions based on calculated stress loads, Sasaki generated an otherwise unknowable form by applying those “target values” on individual components of the structure. Each application rippled through the structure until a definitive form emerged. (to find out more..)

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