Mar 10, 2008

An Interview with Francine Houben - Founder of Mecanoo Architecten

Francine Houben was born in Sittard, Netherlands in 1955. She studied architecture at the Delft Universityof Technology, Netherlands. Upon graduating in 1984she established her own practice 'Mecanoo architects' where she is the director and head architect. Houben's work includes a wide range of projects in both her native country and overseas. Houses, schools,complete residential areas, theaters, libraries, skyscrapers, parks, squares and highways, cities, hotels, museums and a chapel. Her work is based on both analyses and intuition, her works interweave social,technical, playful and humane aspects together to form a solution. Since 1999 she has worked as a professor in architecture, at the University of Technology in Delft. She has also lectured at the Academy of Architecture, in Mendrisio, Switzerland from 2000-2001. In 2001 she received an honorary fellowship of the Royal Institute of British Architects, London. In 2002 she was the director of the International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam in 2003. Francine Houben is currently a member of the architectural advisory board for the dutch cities Almere and Rotterdam. Houben's work has won several national and international awards as well as being the subject of numerous books. (to find out more..)

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