Mar 15, 2008

Thermal Baths- Vals, Switzerland

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The bath house is a simple rectilinear structure, constructed of a local stone, gneisis, formed from the same heat that warms the water of the baths. In plan, the building is organized around a rectangular outdoor pool and a square interior pool, with auxiliary spaces (showers, toilets) contained in small block adjacent to the pools. The separation between indoor spaces is minimal and creates a succession of spaces in which temperature and lighting guide the body. Narrow slots and openings in the ceiling of these spaces adds to their eerie, grotto-like character, established by the stratified facing of the gneisis. On the outside, large openings on the facade link the outdoor pool to the surrounding landscape, while smaller apertures bring light to the small spaces of the ground floor. (to find out more...)
By Peter Zumthor

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Anonymous said...

hmmm.. i notice that your blog is more like a compilation of information, never a personal input, ever an argument. is this a library or a blog? shouldn't someone start a discussion topic? its soulless.

chinweiz said...

perhaps, i do agree with you. i do suggest them to post their school projects, their thoughts and even the activities done in the school so we know what they are interested in.

on the other hand, it's a good effort done by the bloggers. they bother to filter the information they thought is interesting to share with the readers. this is commendable.

do keep up the work. hope to hear more thoughts and reflection from you guys.

about this post, my friends and tutor went there before, and they said it is a must-go place! so i guess i will be visiting it soon...maybe the later part of this year...wohooo...cant wait...


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