Mar 15, 2008

Footbridge, Boudry-Switzerland

When a place speaks, the most constructive reaction is to listen to it rather than to converse with it. The crossing of the Areuse at a precise point of the gauge was the demand.The answer is this footbridge, an organic structure, ensuring a better echo with the site and the river. The objective power of this artefact holds in its ability the power to blend in perfectly with the site and get clearly noticed. There is no submission to the place but just respect. (to find out more...)
By Geninasca Delefortrie

First and foremost, i would like to apologize that the link is in Francais. But nevertheless, this is a very interesting architecture by Geninasca & Delefortrie. the entrance provides a very nice screening and the design concept of this bridge is to be smooth and fluid.

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