Dec 29, 2007

WOHA Reflects

WOHA Reflects is an exhibition exploring and sharing how stimuli external to architecture are reflected in WOHA’s diverse design directions. By making explicit the cross-fertilization of external personal interests with professional creative directions, the exhibit continues the exploration of WOHA’s past works while offering an indication of WOHA’s future creative directions. The exhibition will display design research in progress, mockups and samples, and the stories behind the designs. (to find out more..)
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The venue was at WOHAGA, the WOHA office itself. Located in Hong Kong Street, a very unlikely street because it's more like a distribution hub for Chinese herbs & dried food ingredients. The office is contained in a whole unit of shoplot, with it's interior spaces renovated into a totally different, enlightening & gallery-like office, with lightwell(s) penetrating down several levels. It has a nice rooftop too but I only got to visit the exhibition on the 2nd level.
The exhibition was viewer-interactive as the research papers & illustrations of every projects were hung from the ceiling and requires viewers to grip each papers to read properly. Apart from that, the exhibition was presented using scaled models, full-scale samples(facades), video simulations(facade appearance), etc.
I see WOHA is very into the researches and explorations of building facades & their patterns, and how they can lift the overall designs to higher levels. A distinctively-designed external skin is one very significant aspect that we can find in WOHA's buildings.

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