Dec 15, 2007


A fun and engaging way to explore some of Singapore’s most distinctive neighbourhoods and districts. The guided ArchiTours aim to educate and inspire locals and tourists alike on the unique architecture in Singapore and how the changing urban landscapes affect the way we live, work and think. The ArchiTours highlighted the development and expression of local architecture through the times, charting the influences of changing political, economical, social and cultural conditions, and drawing attention to the architectural milestones and predominant language used. Comparison were made between the traditional and contemporary architectural interpretations. Some of the landmarks lined-up for the ArchiTours include Tiong Bahru SIT Flats, Pearl Bank Apartments, Golden Mile Shopping Complex and Chinese High School. Participants also got to experience night life through the architectural eyes, visiting unique watering holes such as Dempsey Road, Loof, Muse and St. James Power House at the specially curated night tours.

For Day Reeling, the objective of this tours is to show the development of architecture as it ages, from this event, we were able to learn how the building was restored and conserved. it was very educational, as we were told what were the architects thinking when they were designing this building. in the 1960s-70s brutalism was a famous practice among the architects, therefore much honesty in terms of materials were shown in the architectures that were featured in the tour.

On the other hand, Night Swimming was to discuss whether were the old buildings (that were restored) put into the right use. although these buildings were able to maintain its hardcore (which is the original architecture) it lost the softcore, which is the life of the building (how the building were used originally) this was the main question of the tour, should it be turned into an F & B outlet? or is there a better to make use of this building? it had served the community since long ago, should it stop there? (to find out more...)

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