Dec 17, 2007

MON - Museu Oscar Niemeyer

In the beginning of 2001, the Guggenhein Foundation cogitate the possibility of setting a museum in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Curitiba were the possible locations. The space offered to Guggenhein in Curitiba was a 1973 Oscar Niemeyer building that was intended to be restored and extended. At the end Rio was chosen and after a big polemic the project of Jean Nouvel wasn’t built but the idea of the museum in Curitiba remained.
Governor of State Jaime Lerner (UIA president until mid/2005) called Niemeyer and asked for an annex to the existing building to turn it into an exhibition space. (to find out more..) (more images at..)

I really like Niemeyer's use of simplistic but refined geometrical forms while shaping such strong expressions.

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