Dec 23, 2007

Singapore 1:1 Island

Singapore has been likened to a 1:1 scale, life-sized gallery of architecture and urban design. URA's latest exhibition, “Singapore 1:1 Island” highlights our architectural and urban design uniqueness through a selection of architectural projects completed island-wide, outside of the city centre, over the past four decades.
“Singapore 1:1 Island” is a follow-up exhibition to “Singapore 1:1 City” launched by President S R Nathan in 2005. It is curated along 3 themes: the Provision / Production (1965 – 1975); Communication / Connection (1976 – 1985) and Innovation / Distinction (1986 – 2007). The architectural productions weave a story on the distinct character in the history of Singapore architecture. The variety of works exhibited, ranging from residential and commercial buildings to public institutions, demonstrates the diversity and creative energy of architectural talents in Singapore. (to find out more..)
(more photos of the exhibition..)

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