Dec 14, 2007


Utterubbish: A Collection of UseLess Ideas, an independently curated design event which will be featured in the Singapore Design Festival 2007.Utterubbish is a unique design experience that presents ideas, works and exhibits by 30 leading international and local designers and creators unified in their exploration on how design can create value for individuals, society and the world, whether Social, Cultural, Emotional, Functional, Economic, Commercial or Intellectual. It fully integrates an exhibition, a conference, talks and workshops, a publication and a retail concept store to engage audiences in presentations that dramatically highlight the role and direction design plays in creating a sustainable future.
Presented by DesignSingapore Council.
It is produced by Utterubbish Pte Ltd and curated by Jackson Tan, Black Design. (to find out more..)

inspiring, creative and very thought-provoking... but I love it.
The exhibition which I had fun most is, a website where you know what people all around the world feels when they post it on their blog.

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