Dec 24, 2007

The Building Blocks of Life

This 20 episode drama series portraits the story of an architect named Issac Chung. He is a high profile architect who won a series of awards and best design at a young age. He becomes so famous that many clients want to get him to design for their projects respectively. On one of the many projects, he insisted on his design and he had fallen out with the client and he refuses to apologize. This controversial incident and also the sudden death of his father puts an end to his architecture life as he quit the architect firm and take up his father’s business which is a interior design & renovation company. 13 years later, the previous boss uses a tricky way to get Issac back to the field because he still sees the passion and prospect of Issac on architecture and building design.
When he faces problem in catching up with the computer programmes like CAD and new symbols and templates in the plan, he wanted to quit again because he is lack of confident. But the very case when he thrive back a multi-millions project with his fantastic concept design has mark his return… (to find out more..)

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