Jan 12, 2008

The World,Dubai

(to find out more..)

posted by midori mizu


chinweiz said...

hi guys,
i'm chin wei from malaysia and currently studyign architecture in NUS (National University of Singapore). Good to knwo that you guys are enthusiastic about architecture. good effort. i was thinking since all those infromation is available on the other websites , why not you guys try to post more stuff related to malaysia architecture (competitions? student works? activities related to archietcture? new buildings? conservation? ) i believe that will be more interesting. let's bring malaysia architeture to the rest of the world! good work guys...

chiming said...

hey dude!its great to see you here!=)
yes,we had that in mind. It is in the process as we are discussing on the efforts and ways to be carried out.So do look up for it soon.we are glad that we have your support...yeah,i agree!lets bring malaysian architecture to the rest of the world!

chinweiz said...

great. all da best!
look forward to see the updates.


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