Jan 21, 2008

NZX - Niuzexui

The development's cozy ambience will be enhanced by the centre's unique 80ft covered boulevard, which boasts an air cooling system that maintains a comfortable environment within, making shopping & dining a breeze - literally! The boulevard boasts a large variety of unique kiosk that will complement the surrounding shop houses. (to find out more..)
Just another newly-opened development in Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya that is so much similar to Clark Quay at Singapore... The problem is it's causing traffic congestion every night at the area I stay!! Well, basically there's no sufficient public transportation nearby, so everyone has to drive, and sadly the road capacity is also not sufficient!! The cars are lining long 'queue' in the originally silent & peaceful residential area to get through a poorly built small tunnel, only then can they reach to Niuzexui!! Why the... It's better named 车水马龙, rather than 牛车水... shit..

passage from: http://niuzexui.com/
image from: http://www.iproperty.com.my/reviews/NZX2/coverpage.asp
complaint from: the poor resident - afterrabbit

posted by afterrabbit


Bomber said...

Really that bad? i was thinking to move into D'aman Crimson... really no public transport meh?

afterrabbit said...

I've not been living at home most of the time(@ hostel) so I don't really know the condition now.. Recent impression is that it's got better..
About public transportation, I don't think there is.. no lrt.. no ktm...Bus maybe (u know how bad our bus system is)..
It's relatively 'remote' from major traffic ways..


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