Jan 15, 2008

Dancing trees, Singing birds

Dancing trees,Singing birds.
Principal use : housing
Structure : R.C.structure, partially steel structure
Site area : 770.22sqm
Total floor area : 684.86sqm
Building site : Tokyo
This project by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Co.,Ltd. was one of the subjects during our studio forum discussion today. It's quite interesting that how it dodges the trees & at the same time using them (ie. small branches to hang cloths, sceneries for our own).
Now I get a clearer & more valid reason for designing houses like this one. We build our buildings where the trees are, not to dodge them showing how conservative the projects are, but to USE them. Leaving the trees unharm doesn't mean we have nothing to do with them, of course we are to USE the best that the trees have to offer. So sometimes we don't avoid the trees, we purposely find them.

See how they hang their cloths~

text & images from: http://www.nakam.info/works/birdpark/index.html

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