Jan 15, 2008


Before being perceived as an element of furniture, this design tends to fascinate by its underlying complexity translated in a simple strong form.
"Ondine" strikes the viewer as being somewhat organic: alive, supple and inherently mysterious
The modular exterior furniture design "Ondine", laureate of the Parckdesign competition 2007 "Embrassons les arbres" organized by "Bruxelles Environnement" and "Pro-Materia", is the fruit of a close collaboration between designer Michael Bihain and Belgian architect Cédric Callewaert. (to find out more..)

passage from: http://www.dexigner.com/product/news-g13189.html
image from: http://www.yankodesign.com/index.php/2007/07/09/ondine-bench-a-flowy-one/

posted by afterrabbit


arizz said...

i think this is pretty cool. its interesting to see how such simple curves can look futuristic and awe-inspiring when they are just simple curves. it actually even looks like it can be comfy to lie on, hehe... this one will be usefull for me in my studio assignment 2 ... yayzerrrr :P

afterrabbit said...

Then I think you shud not forgetting to design it suitable for many different kinds of sitting/lying positions. This is quite a trend now i think..


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