Jan 27, 2008

A-CERO wins the “Nebula” International Ideas Competition in Dubai

The spanish architecture studio A-CERO, headed by J. Torres and R. Llamazares, has won the restricted international competition of ideas for the design of a new exclusive residential zone in the Madinat Al Arab district, in Dubai’s coast. The new development, called Nebula, includes a hotel, luxury apartments, commercial spaces, offices, a marina and leisure zones, comprising 450.000 sq. meters of built surface, near the third (and the bigger) of the Palms, on this ever changing coastline. The work will be undertaken in three fused locations corresponding to three plots situated in zone C for a low-rise 10-storey development, three apartment towers of 20-30 storeys and two 50-storey towers.(to find out more..)

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