Jan 27, 2008

3rd International Architecture Competition for Sustainable Housing

In January 2008, we're lighting the torch for a 3rd International Competition for Sustainable Housing in our five-year quest to address the world's housing shortage with sustainable steel solutions. This competition will be unlike the others in its format with a Charette-style challenge at a location somewhere in the world. Ten firms will be selected to create innovative housing for a location that will be disclosed in the competition brief, and for which they will be given two days to design a sustainable, steel solution. Winners will be selected right at the competition site by a prestigious jury. But what will remain the same is the fact that the winning design will be built at the disclosed location--the dream will become reality. Land is already purchased and waiting to show the world how we can address the growing and critical demand for housing with efficient, comfortable homes. The competition is free to enter, and there is a prize fund for the winners.
If you have not already registered for our email updates and newsletters, please do so now, and we will personally notify you when the Call for Expressions of Interest is launched in January 2008. Get ready to throw your hat in the ring for a new chance to inspire the world with effective, efficient housing solutions.
Register on our website to get the announcement of the Call for Expressions of Interest.

passage & image from: http://www.livingsteel.org/competitions

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