Oct 29, 2008


“The latest plan is to set up a third branch in addition to OMA and AMO. That third branch shall distribute plans without copyright or ego. Anonymous projects by the world-famous architect Rem Koolhaas, it seems like a contradiction in terminus”. The remark is put occasionally at the end of a lengthy article celebrating the career of Rem Koolhaas. The setting: the new glossy for boys called ‘JFK’. With a heavy spillage of words like ‘world-famous’ it is hard to take the statement seriously. Did the author made this up, or is it real? How should we call this third branch? After ‘OMA’ and ‘AMO’ there are only three other configurations of the letters ‘O’, ‘M’, ‘A’ left: OAM, MOA and MAO. I opt for MAO.
In various lectures Rem Koolhaas has stated his resentment of iconic architecture and his love for the ‘background’ architecture of cities like Tokyo. In that light it would be a bold statement to actually start building that architecture.

What would it look like, an ego-free and copyright-free architecture?
Would it generate a more humble architecture?
Would it appropriate the Minimalist style?
Would it therefore come in ‘every color you want, as long as it is white’?
Would it result in building masses constituted by pragmatic boxes?
Would that predictability be its virtue?

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