Oct 13, 2008

Libeskind's Westside shopping center opens in Switzerland

The Westside shopping center in Brünnen, a part of the city of Berne (the capital of Switzerland) , opened it's gates this weekend. The project was started 2000, when Daniel Libeskind won an international competition to design the shoppingcenter. Construction did not start until 2006. The complex not only features a shopping mall, but also a conference-hotel, a cineplex, elderly people housing and a spa. The whole development at the western most part of the city of Berne will complete a dense housing development started in the seventies and when completed will offer housing to additional 3000 people. The shoppingcenter is said to cater an area with around 1.2 Million people sourrounding the city of Berne.
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posted by midori mizu


afterrabbit said...

his shopping center looks the same with any of his other museums!
He would design a public toilet the same way!!!
I am getting personal on him!

Anonymous said...

Another ugly building by Daniel Libeskind. He cranks out the same stupid ideas for every project. He's become a complete greedy hack.

I'd be embarrassed to have my name indelibly associated with this POS mall.

Hard to believe he keeps getting work.


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