Oct 25, 2008

Arne Quinze

REBIRTH BY ARNE QUINZE is a unique futuristic and provoking wooden sculpture by Arne Quinze for the well-knownand distinguished five-star Paris hotel Le Royal Monceau on Avenue Hoche. The Art Deco temple will close its doors for an entire year while it undergoes a complete revamp by Philippe Starck. But the hotel doesn’t plan to go quietly, and gives an exclusive party. In full contrast with the abundantly decorated interior, Arne Quinze will turn heads with a gigantic new futuristic art installation, and an exclusive selection of VIP guests are invited to take out theirunresolved issues by partaking in a subsequent ‘Demolition Party’, where they are invited to smash, wreck and generally annihilate anything left standing.

The dazzling sculpture — which lasts for only one exclusive night — embraces the entire hotel building as a conquering and boldness alien stream, breaking through walls, corridors, stairways, lobbies and rooms... (to find out more...)

text and images from: http://www.arnequinze.tv/

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