Oct 9, 2008

New wave hero Portuguese architect wins UK's most prestigious prize

Álvaro Siza, the Portuguese architect and hero of a new wave of British design talent, was yesterday awarded the Royal Gold Medal, British architecture's most prestigious prize. The 78-year-old is regarded by some as the greatest architect Portugal has ever produced, although his only British building to date has been a temporary pavilion for the Serpentine Gallery in London in 2006.(to find out more..)

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angelin said...

Álvaro Siza's housing is almost uniquely humane among modern examples. He always places the territories of inhabitants into vital contact with each other in a respectful way, allowing the inhabitants to feel secure and encouraged towards sharing with others. Siza's urban projects heal the rifts made by Modernist town planning, without abandoning a Modern idiom, appropriating the best lessons of Post-Modernism.



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