Oct 26, 2008


This marks the 4th year that DESIGNTIDE TOKYO is being held.This year, Tokyo Midtown Hall will be used as the main venue for the event. DESIGNTIDE TOKYO is a trade show where designers across a variety of fields – from interior and product design, architecture, graphic design, textiles, fashion and art - can congregate and exhibit work from serious design practices that make up the unique mix in Tokyo.This edition of DESIGNTIDE TOKYO will be an opportunity to reconsider design as a concept and way of thinking that anyone can share and participate in. DESIGNTIDE TOKYO will be a design-oriented event that gathers creators and artists with a sincere passion for design, linking design-related creative talents, manufacturers, journalists and buyers from all over the world, connecting them to people and their everyday lives and spreading the word about their design activities.This is the kind of design hub that DESIGNTIDE TOKYO aims to become. (to find out more..)

passage from: http://www.designtide.jp/08/en/index.php
images from: http://www.designtide.jp/08/en/index.php & http://www.excite.co.jp/ism/concierge/rid_2302/pid_1.html

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