Jun 29, 2008

World Architecture Festival 2008

The World Architecture Festival is an annual event for architects worldwide, and this year it will be held at Barcelona, Spain on October 22-24 and will award buildings in 16 categories (more info con the awards after the break)

This 3 day event will have a nice agenda, full with exhibitions, live presentations, product showcases, a student charrette, thematic exhibitions (built environment, new technologies, collaboration and sustainability), plenary lectures, study tours of Barcelona and lots of social events and networking.

Student charrette

The Festival will invite architectural students from 10 of the world’s best known architectural schools to participate in an intensive two day live design competition concentrating on a design brief to be agreed with the City of Barcelona.

The teams of students, led by a well known architect, will have a limited time period to generate conceptual ideas and will then present to a panel of judges who will select a winning team. All of the work generated will be on display on day 3 of the Festival.


The 2008 awards are for buildings completed between 1 January 2007 and 20 June 2008. Buildings in any country, by architects of any nationality, are eligible for entry.

International juries will shortlist the best entries in 96 building types, grouped into 16 categories. All shortlisted architects will present their work to live juries and audiences at the Festival, competing against each other to become category winners.

Category winners will compete against each other in front of a super-jury, to win the ‘best in show’ prize, the first architectural Prix de Barcelona.

All entries in the awards will be exhibited on site at the Festival in a gallery modelled on the Barcelona grid system, and after the Festival all entries will be permanently available to view on the WAF website.

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chinweiz said...

my tutor was asking me whether i want to go barcelona to attend this event or not. unfortunately i will be going to netherlands for exchange! shucks.:(

midori mizu said...

woah such a big miss!
well, check out what and how they did after the festival lo=)

chinweiz said...

i would lve to join them, my tutor was saying, why not i join fly over to barcelona from amsterdam...hahaha. i told him i dont mind.but then i think it's not really possible... anyway, miss one great opportunity...but i think my exchange will be fun too

afterrabbit said...

good luck for your exchange


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