Jun 16, 2008

Kyoei Design - 共栄

Kouichi Okamoto : representative/designer
Ayako Nakanishi : director
Yuichi Yamaguchi : photographer

Various sensitive and interesting industrial products are the results of this office experimenting the commonest and most detailed aspects of our daily lives. Some technical & aesthetical possibilities are derived and bring a little more fun & graceful substances into our shelters. (to find out more about them..)

Material: rubber. polypropylene.
They are a lamp which is made with a balloon and LED. The LED has no generation off power like other lights, such as incandescent lamps. And it has high illumination, long lifetime and is energy-saving. And it is also possible to use it continuously over 100 hours by using the 2lithium-coin batteries.

Material: ceramic
Size: 515mm x 330mm x 290mm
The umbrella pot made of ceramic has a small plant pot at the bottom to use the rain water. This umbrella pot allows rainwater from your umbrella to drain into the plant pot.

Low-maintenance way to keep a small plant.
Rainwater drains into the plant pot via internal holes.

passages & images from: http://www.kyouei-ltd.co.jp/index.htm

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